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Super Sportmatchen

Super Sportmatchen is a fun and fantastical

retro party sports game for up to four players!

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Enjoy a fine selection of sport disciplines, ranging from the frantic and fast paced to the relaxed and playful! Invite your friends, foes and family to a game of fun competitive sports!



  • A collection of ten highly varied and fantastical sports.
  • Team up in a 2 vs 2 tournament or let each sporter fend for themselves.
  • Upload your scores to the online leaderboards and gloat together with others around the world.
  • Set up your own tournaments by selecting the sports in the order that you want.
  • A host of cute animals are waiting to help you out, whether it is by fetching balls, being thrown or being fed delicious candy.
  • Tak Fujii is extreeeme!

Find out interesting facts about your fellow competitors, such as:

- Who has the fastest fingers and the steadiest hands?

- Who can withstand the pressure to perform under extreme stress?

- Who will flamboyantly brag when the victory is theirs?

- Who will reveal themselves as the sore losers that they truly are?


Was your sports career ruined by an unfortunate knee accident? Gloat in your own competitive awesomeness! Enjoy being the best at something! Feel the rush of excitement as you set a new world record! Imagine yourself at the top of the podium!


Remember that winning isn't everything, but winners have more fun!

You can also purchase Super Sportmatchen from Fanatical, an authorized retail partner.

System requirements

Windows 7 or newer


Intel Core i3 M380




Intel HD 4000
Version 11


100 MB available space